Sunny Beach of Bulgaria – enjoy!

Sunny Beach, Solnecnij bereg, Slanchev bryag – so many names for this wonderful spot on coastline of Bulgaria’s Black Sea. We were prepared to see unfinished construction of pre-crisis apartment houses. What we discovered was pleasant surprise – nice beaches, lively promenades, great wine, excellent food and on top of that – really good prices. Enjoy self explaining pictures of our 8 km walk by coast of Sunny beach:


Boiled corn and fruits – supply directly on the beach

Great selection of beer for just 1 EUR per cup

Beach girls dancing in beats of electronic music

Afternoon till late night promenade walk

Grilled meat welcoming directly from the street

Good pica

Easy walking

24/7 open doors… for everyone..

..with supply for whole family:)

Welcoming cocktails

Ancient town of Nesebar – for lovers of culture, souvenirs and nice restaurants on sea cliff.

Residential areas, some of them still looking for their owners

And natural SPA, when wind turns to wrong direction:)

Come and enjoy!